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2016 International Science Conference 2016 International Science Conference

Date added: 05/09/2016
Date modified: 05/09/2016
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Nanoscience Research Group, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Federal University Oye Ekiti,Oye-Ekiti


Tributyltinchloride (TBT) is an organic biocide that has been widely used as wood and stone treatment, textile preservation, water paints, paper/leather preservation and antifouling paints (Fang et al., 2010). TBT is highly toxicand the use of TBT in industries has led to significant concentration of TBT in the environment (Brandli, 2009). Therefore, efforts are been made to reduce the concentration of TBT in wastewatersto the barest minimum before discharge into the environment (Ayandaet al., 2012). In this work, the ability of nFe3O4/fly ash/activated carbon composite to remove TBT from simulated contaminated wastewater was scientifically studied. The effect of contact time,initial TBT concentration, composite dosage, stirring speed, and solution pH was investigated on the adsorption rate.