In our 21st century, the internet has become a sine qua non in corporate business and communications. In the university system, it has overtaken the conventional book library as a medium for research and other related academic practices.

Recognizing therefore that no corporate entity can thrive without the services that the internet offers, Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) places high premium on internet availability within the campuses. Still very young and grappling with many onset challenges, the university has made it clear that internet availability is of fundamental importance to its operations. For this reason, the Vice Chancellor and management of the institution vote huge amounts of money every month to ensure that both students and staff have access to the internet for faster and better work output. It is also on record that FUOYE's positive response to the internet stimulus is a strong factor in the university's 16th position in the recent Webometric ranking.

Much as we commend the university's authority in this regard, it is noteworthy that access to the internet on campus is not widespread.

This means that while some buildings have no internet access at all, others enjoy only varying degrees of fluctuating coverage. We are convinced that full internet access will add greater impetus to productivity on the campuses. We therefore implore the ICT to evolve a longer lasting solution to the challenges of weak internet signal in the campuses.