Fuoye offers the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Its four faculties – Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering, Agric, and Science offer a breadth of highly regarded degree programs that allow students the freedom to explore their intellectual and personal passions. The faculty of Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Agriculture, and Engineering currently offer undergraduate programs.


Fuoye’s academic departments are listed both alphabetically and by Faculty. In addition, a number of interdisciplinary programs cross boundaries between disciplines.


The Registry maintains student academic records, the academic calendar and Fuoye’s catalog of courses and degrees. Ecampus is the on-line academic information system used by students, faculty and Undergraduate Academic Life.


A Fuoye undergraduate education emphasizes a broad liberal arts foundation, development of deep subject-area knowledge, a variety of rich learning experiences inside and outside the classroom,  and the cultivation of skills to help students become lifelong learners.


Fuoye hopes to offer graduate students unsurpassed opportunities to participate in the advancement of entire fields of knowledge. Faculties and department are primarily responsibile for graduate studies.


Fuoye is pioneering new ways of using online technologies to enrich the educational experience and expand opportunities for learners worldwide.


Fuoye hopes to offer valuable opportunities for lifelong learning, including continuing adult education, executive and professional programs.

  • Over 250 faculty members
  • 5:1 student to faculty ratio

B.A., B.Sc., B.ENG