Agricultural Economics and Extensions


Agricultural Economics and Extensionare integral part of agricultural disciplines. Students take basic courses in agricultural and other sciences. The Department seeks to provide broad fundamental education as well as impact entrepreneurial professional skills in agriculture. Essential feature of the programme are opportunities provided for students to gain a broad training in the basic agricultural sciences first three years and practical training during the fourth year of the programme. In the fifth or final year, the student is given intensive courses in the Agricultural Economics and Extension disciplines. This will horn their faculties for challenges ahead.

The Extension philosophy starts with the concept of extension as an educational activity. This concept deals primarily with the purposes of improving agriculture and rural people. The objective of the Agricultural Economics and Extension Department is to conduct research and to provide a comprehensive and adequate programme of higher education for leaders in the field of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. The requirements for the degree thus include the completion of the general studies programme of the University, required ancillary courses, necessary electives and the completion of specialized courses in Agricultural Economics and Extension. The program took off on July 25, 2012 for 2011/2012 Academic session of the University.

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