Dr. C. O. Akintayo wins the IFS Research Grant

Dr. C. O. Akintayo, a Senior Lecturer at the Chemistry Department of the University has won for the second time the International Foundation for Science Research Grant to carry out a project on ‘Thermally curable thiol-ene coatings based on epoxidised Albizia and Plukenetia conophora oil. This grant will enable the Awardee to purchase the basic tools of research, expendable supplies and required literature for the project.

The International Foundation for Science (IFS) supports developing country (Social and natural) Scientists conducting research relating to the renewable utilization of biological resources. The IFS support is primarily financial and in the form of research grants for amounts up to USD 12,000 and may be renewed twice.

Dr Akintayo`s research focus is in the area of plant oils as a renewable resource with the potential to create value added polymers which could be used, at least in part to replace petrochemical based polymers.