elearning using moodle

The Following Topics will be covered during this workshop:

Setting up a Moodle Course Website

  • introduction to eLearning environment
  • understanding the process of enabling your Moodle courses
  • understanding methods of enrolling students, teachers and guests for your course
  • choosing the format and initial settings for a new course site
  • uploading basic content files
  • adding web links to external sites
  • creating content within Moodle using the built-in HTML editor
  • linking a YouTube embedded video

Assignments, Choices and Quizzes

  • creating and releasing assignments
  • returning submitted work for revision
  • reviewing submissions
  • entering grades and comments for assignments
  • creating and editing questions
  • incorporating customized question feedback
  • creating and releasing quizzes
  • using the Choice tool to create simple polls
  • working with random question sets
  • altering quiz content and updating scores
  • viewing submissions and giving feedback to students
  • overriding quiz grades and resetting attempts
  • reviewing item analysis to analyze the efficacy of individual questions

Grades in Moodle

  • entering and editing grades and feedback
  • adding new columns to the gradebook
  • using categories for managing and calculating grade items
  • deciding on aggregation type and setting up weighted grading
  • creating custom scales for feedback
  • releasing or hiding grades from students
  • exporting and importing grades

Collaboration Tools in Moodle

  • Creating groups and working with group activities
  • Examining and creating various types of discussion forums
  • Using wikis for collaborative authoring of web pages
  • Using Wikis
  • Using Moodle messages

How to Re-use a Moodle Course and Its Materials

  • Saving activities, resources and course data
  • Saving and backing up a course
  • Resetting a course
  • Restoring a course to an existing Moodle course or a sub-class course
  • Importing and exporting activities, resources

Using Interagtion tool

  • Moodle and Google Apps Integration
  • Moodle and bigbluebutton
  • Other moodle Integrations