Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Welcome to the Department of Electrical/electronic engineering, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria.

The department offers both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

The basic undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Engineering, B.Eng., is a five-year programme during which the student will observe the Students Industrial Working Experience Scheme-SIWES & SWEP.

This enables them to gain knowledge of industrial work.  The basic undergraduate programme allows a student to a number of specializations during the five years of study.

Our vision is to:

  • Come out at the end of every academic session with a re-sounding product of either through research, copied technology or assisted prototypes of electrical and electronics products.
  • Pursue effort in solving Nigeria huge problem in power, electronics and communication through research.
  • Become fully the pivot/support of ICT in the faculty and FUOYE as a whole

Our Mission

· Every graduate of EEE must come out being highly ICT compliant. To become a high flyer in the industry.

  • Every graduate of EEE at the time of leaving the department must bag at least one certification.
  • At the final round of the bachelor’s degree, every student must have undergone a conference presentation within or outside Nigeria.
  • Final year project to be partitioned into either simulation-ended or construction-ended or thorough case-research based theses.
  • Handling OS, knowledge of relevant software must be achieved at 200 level with 300 level final semester as benchmark, having prepared them for SIWES.
  • Partnership with relevant organization and bodies will be used to boost and materialize our passions.

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