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In order to increase awareness of the activities of our engineering profession and also to really engage our students in Speech, Writing Skills and Debate, CODET intends to organize an engineering competition at the national level. The competition will have various benefits including providing extra challenge for our students to really use (and test!) their debating skills in a friendly but competitive environment, encourage teamwork, and provide a platform for students to present their solutions to a range of problems from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space explorations.

An engineer, like all professionals, must possess a well-developed ability to communicate, both orally and in writing. This competition is, therefore, designed to:


  1. not only develop the theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge of students,

  2. emphasize the value of their ability to deliver oral presentations and

  3. also encourage young engineers to come together to showcase their creativity by

    demonstrating the value added through their ingenuity and application of sound engineering

    design principles to address a broad spectrum of industrial, manufacturing, and humanitarian




Interested students may not be confined to a specific topic but each discipline of engineering may come up with topics that may be a current issue of interest in the society, industry or environment.

Categories of entries: Individual and Group. Students may be offered to participate in any of these two categories:


  1. Team work: is a category which competitors can use their practical skills to design.

    Competitors need to build a functional device regarding to a technical problem given in a

    limited amount of time and resources. The group may consist of up to four people;

  2. Individual: In this category, a student can come up with a design or any sort of ingenuity that will consist of solving a theoretical, technical or a managerial problem occurring in real life or industry. Participants can develop hypothetical solutions with no actual construction of any device or assembling of some materials.
  3. Eligibility: All participants must be students enrolled at undergraduate level in an Engineering/Engineering technology degree program at any time during the current academic year. All Competitors will agree to abide by the Engineering Code of Ethics. Students whose institutions have good financial standing in CODET as of 2015 are eligible to participate in the competition.


Levels of the Competition:

  • Deans to submit a maximum of 3 entries from each category making a total of 6 entries from each institution.

  • Regional coordinator to submit to National coordinator the best 3 entries in each category making a total of 6 entries from each Region

  • National Coordinator to select the best 3 entries in each category making a total of 6 entries for the nation

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