It is an obvious fact that across Nigeria there is no tertiary institution without its own unique ways. FUOYE is not left out in allocating spaces and allowing community petty traders to establish what we call “mammy market” outside the school premises along Farm path with about thirty (30) stands occupied by not less than 100 persons.

At the mammy market, you can get different types of delicious food prepared under the best hygienic standards, and soft drinks. Other activities that take place at the mammy market include shoe making and repairs, hairdressing, photocopying and all kinds of internet services. In view of this, mammy market attracts a large number of farmers who sell their farm produce and other perishable goods to both staff and students at affordable rates. Perhaps, it equally serves as a relaxation centre for most staff that go there for their launch and also to discuss office matters in a more relaxed atmosphere. The mammy market also offers staff venue for social interaction where they vent the heat of work via gist’s and jokes as they enjoy their launch.Meanwhile, vendors in this arena provide succour in many more ways to both staff and students. For instance, they provide unsecured credit facilities to their patrons in the form of book-me-down aka ‘chop now, and pay later’. Such understanding is always binding on both parties and none is known to have broken this unwritten agreement. In fact, it solidifies the bond of loyalty between patrons and service providers. These are some of the parameters to measure the nature of relationship between the university community and the mammy market operators. And no doubt, you will agree with me that it is a cordial one. Based on these, both staff and students have their permanent customers who they run to, when there is lapse in their supplies.

At things go on, I believe, expansion of this mammy market is a matter of time. I even foresee it spreading beyond the present plot of land to hectares.