Guiding Framework for Entrepreneurial Universities and the FUOYE Vision - A public lecture presented by Engr. (Canon) Echi Nwogu.



The outgoing Director of Maintenance, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Engr. Echi Nwogu presented the March edition ofUniversity monthly public lecture titled ‘’Guiding Framework for Entrepreneurial Universities and the FUOYE Vision’’ on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at the University auditorium at the main campus. Hedescribed entrepreneurial studies and the practice of entrepreneurship “as a way of life, which is a late 21stcentury phenomenon that has risen to meet the challenges of population explosion and dwindling resources on planet earth”. He said the world has embraced entrepreneurship as a viable means to mitigate unemployment and to enhance national development. “Entrepreneurship”, he said, “seeks to promote the maximization of innovative enterprise to harvest opportunities available both latent to be ignited and inherent to be created”.

He mentioned some aspects of entrepreneurship such as basic, social and political entrepreneurship and further outlined some guiding framework for entrepreneurship in the universities as leadership and governance, organization capacity, people and incentives. He stated that social range of entrepreneurship has been carried out by some individuals. The likes of likes Chief AfeBabalola (SAN) have reached advanced level in this range of entrepreneurship through his agricultural initiative and development. In the years ahead he will be exporting varieties of agricultural products to earn foreign exchange.

Engr. Nwogu identified key ingredients to a realization of the full potentials of this phenomenon called entrepreneurship. Prominent among such ingredients, according to him, are organization, people and incentives which he said workbetter where people see one another as one, where tribalism does not exist, where everybody workstowards the same goalwhich is to achieve success.

Finally, Engr. Echi Nwogu used the avenue to inform everybody in attendance that the lecture will be his last official assignment as an employee of the university. He however, promised to be available whenever the university needed his services.

In his closing remark at the lecture, the Vice Chancellor, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, ProfessorUzoma Asuzu noted the importance of entrepreneurship and how FUOYE as a university has made entrepreneurship courses and practice compulsory for its students. He revealed that FUOYE is training as well as building a people that will be entrepreneurial in all their vocations. Every professional will discharge his proficiency with a mind-set of an entrepreneur. “If you are a medical doctor then you see yourself as an entrepreneurship doctor so also to other disciplines”, Prof. Asuzu said. He encouraged those with good talents to come forward and showcase their talents so that they will contribute their quota in the development of entrepreneurship in the university. He assured that development of agricultural farm in Ikole campus of the university is a task that must be accomplished, not minding the cost to the university.

Some dignitaries present at the lecture were Ag.Registrar, Mr Daniel Adeyemo, other principal officers of the university, Deans of Faculties,staff and students.Also in attendance was the former Minister of Information, Chief. Ayo Ogunlade.