The Vice Chancellor, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Prof. Isaac Asuzu, has said that there exists a gap between the industries in Nigeria and the universities.

The Vice Chancellor made this disclosure during an interview with pressmen in his office at Oye- Ekiti. Lamenting over this phenomenon, the University Don observed that education is capital intensive and therefore must not be left to government alone to fund it.

“Industries”, he said, “must support Nigerian universities by moving in to mass- produce machines and other inventions of the universities, instead of simply depending on the importation of ready made goods”.

Citing the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as an example, the researcher cum teacher of long standing noted that the Department of Agricultural. Engineering has produced machines such as bitter leaf washing machines, melon shelling machines, yam pounders, and a host of other gadgets found necessary in the homes. These, he said, lie in the run waiting to be patented and mass produced while the “so-called” captains of industries junket the world importing similar gadgets produced in other climes without due consideration for climatic variations.

Prof. Asuzu, therefore, called on the private sector to look inward and create with the universities, the synergy needed to boost the economy in the area of tools and machineries fabrication.

He further disclosed that governments in advanced countries do not fund education alone. “Over there, a synergy exists between the universities and the industries whereby the latter supply facilities to the former, who on demand, produce items needed by the industries which are then patented for mass production”.

Identifying one source of this gap, the Vice Chancellor revealed that the existing academic curriculum has not exposed students to the ability to think. Thought, he asserted, produces innovation. He therefore called for the need to incorporate entrepreneurial studies into the curriculum so that every student would have an opportunity to learn one skill or two through which to contribute to the national economy on graduation. He further revealed that Federal University, Oye-Ekiti views entrepreneurial studies with every seriousness and has already designed the template for its realization.