Activities at the Phase II of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti are gradually coming alive, what with the relocation of the Faculty of Science and ICT to the place. FUOYE News Bulletin crew went round the place to ascertain how the current occupants of the site are fairing. We serve you extracts from our encounters with them and their expectations.

At the ICT Complex, staff there were bubbly as they were seen dashing from one office to another in pursuit of one task or the other. Staff who were used to being cramped in one hall shared with the University Library now had large areas of office spaces to themselves alone. To tackle problem of power supply in the area our crew was shown an installed transformer which was yet to be connected to the power grid. Our crew was also informed that the department was making use of mobile server in the meantime, while work had reached advanced stages on the mast.

Actually there was an installed mast but it was not in use yet due to lack of distribution facilities. An ICT staff, Seun Ojedeji, however pointed out some inevitable construction mistakes by the contractor which needed to be rectified before the place could function properly. According to him, the Physical Planning Unit had been notified about some errors.

One other challenge which all staff of the Phase II area was unanimous about was the issue of access to the complex. This challenge was attributed to bad roads, a situation that forces staff to park their cars very far from the offices. They expressed fears that problem of access could degenerate if status remains before the rains set in.

At the Faculty of Science, Faculty Officer, FO, Mr. D.A. Fatuase expressed similar sentiments. He was however optimistic that the problem of power supply would soon be a thing of the past as the Vice Chancellor had promised to procure a heavy duty power-generating set for them. On the absence of internet access, he called on ICT to come to their aid as there was no internet service whatsoever in their complex. He also disclosed that more cleaners were needed to keep the beautiful complex tidy always. At present, we were told, the faculty had only one cleaner.

Some students of the faculty corroborated the FO’s observations as they decried the dearth of power supply, good transportation system and portable water. They were unanimous in calling on food vendors and business centre’s to open annexes at the new site. “Trekking from here to and fro the main gate to eat or do a photocopy is a daunting task “, one student volunteered. An appraisal of the shuttle bus service revealed that more vehicles were needed to meet up with increased traffic in the axis.