The FUOYE NHIS Unit Desk, in accordance with NUC directives, wishes to bring to the notice of students that FUOYE is currently putting everything in place for the commencement of the Tertiary Institutions Social Health
Insurance Programme.

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) is a social security system whereby the
health care of students in tertiary institutions is being paid for from funds created by pooling the contributions of students. The programme is committed to ensuring access to qualitative healthcare service for students of tertiary institutions thereby promoting the health of students with a view to providing an enabling environment
for learning. Extensive evidence is now available to demonstrate the link between health, as well as school
health programmes to academic achievement.

FUOYE Medical Centre has been chosen as the primary health care provider for students while a referral
centre for out-patients has also been put in place. To access this scheme, students must fill the TISHIP registration form provided by the HMO after which data will be processed and ID cards provided them. Students MUST therefore go to the Medical Centre with their ID cards to access the scheme. Benefits of the program are road accident insurance cover-up to N50, 000, medical expenses and out- of - station emergency care, among other benefits. Meanwhile, students can report unsatisfactory service delivery to the TISHIP Arbitration Panel headed by the Ag. Dean, Student Affairs Division.