Good Feeding and Regular Exercise Enhance Health                                                     - Prof. Oboh

Smokers have been advised to quit smoking as a precautionary measure against hypertension. This admonition was given by a professor of Biochemistry at Federal University of Technology Akure, Professor Ganiyu Oboh.

Professor Oboh who was on sabbatical at Federal University Oye-Ekiti until recently, was a guest lecturer at the FUOYE Public University-wide Monthly Lecture for March. Speaking on the topic, Dietary Polyphenols and Health Matters the eminent don took the enthusiastic audience on certain contemporary health matters. He specifically spoke on Type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension and other related illnesses. On diabetes, the university teacher
informed his audience that a person with type 2 diabetes either does not produce enough insulin or suffers from insulin resistance. He mentioned family history, obesity, physical resistance. He mentioned family history, obesity, physical inactivity or lack of physical exercise, racial/ethnic descent as some of the risk factors of the disease and made his audience to understand that, among other things, diabetes causes erectile malfunction and Alzheimer (loss of memory). He therefore advocated healthy eating habit and regular exercise as measures to prevent the risk of diabetes. According to him, insulin therapy and blood sugar monitoring/control are measures against the disease.

Speaking on cancer, the professor told audience that cancer on the other hand, is a disease caused by an
uncontrolled division of abnormal cell in a part of the body. He disclosed that this abnormal division can start almost anywhere in the human body, and went further to say that smoking, certain infections of the stomach, previous or family history, age and genetics are some of the risk factors of cancer. Defining hypertension as a situation of abnormal high blood pressure or a state of great psychological stress, Professor Oboh unveiled the risk factors of hypertension as, among other things, age, race, family history, tobacco consumption and too
much salt intake. He recommended quitting smoking, food therapy and complete change in lifestyle.


A new leadership of Economics and Development Studies Students' Association recently took oath of allegiance for 2014/2015 academic session. In a brief but colourful ceremony held at the University Auditorium, the new officials collectively resolved to build on the achievements of the preceding leadership with a view to taking the association to greater heights. The newly sworn-in officers are: Oluwole Babafemi, Omojie Josephine and Apata Michael as President, Vice Precident and General Secretary, respectively. Others include Saka Hakeem. Lawal Ayomide Okpokor , Christopher as well as Oladejo Korede as Assistant Secretary general, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Sports Director, (in that order). Also inaugurated were Amponsa Victor, Bello Busola and Falodun Olaoluwa as Public Relations Officer, Social Director and Librarian, respectively.

In a bid to ensure checks and balances on the operations of the Executive, the student body also inaugurated the Students' Representative Council, SRC. This comprises Olawole Olajide, as speaker to be supported by Olaniyi Ezekiel, Olabode Stephen, Tajudeen Ismail and Ogundipe Christianah. Other members of the SRC are Adesuyi Tolulope, Adekoya Abiodun, Onimu Samuel, Esther Osatuyi, and Deborah Mactopsy. Speaking on behalf of the new executive, Oluwole Babafemi said the desire of his leadership was to ensure a harmonious relationship between staff and members of the association to make sure that the latter operate within the rules and regulations guiding their stay in the University. He said tutorials, seminars and excursions would be undertaken for the continuous enrichment of members of the association EDSSA, FUOYE Chapter has Mr. Desmond Agwu as its staff advicer.