In pursuance of its mandate to provide state of the art training and quality education to students, the Faculty of Engineering on Tuesday June 2, 2015 had a project collaboration meeting with representative committee of Prototype Engineering Development Institute (PEDI). Prof. Christian Bolu initiated the discussion by stating how far PEDI had gone particularly in the area of Autotronics and 3D Printing. This he said was the motivation for seeking understanding with them. Prof. Bolu further spoke about the need and importance of educating and developing the students through PEDI to bring out the best in students. The don pointed out three areas the faculty intended to focus on in the proposed relationship with PEDI. These areas include developing training tools for teaching and research as well as commercializing them, investing in Autotronics and 3D printing and collaborating with them in training students.

Managing Director Prototype Engineering Development Institute, Engr. Adetunji Adelana applauded FUOYE management for their interest in PEDI and welcomed the prospect of collaborating with the nascent university. He disclosed that the institute wants to encourage students in higher institutions in the production of 3D printing and Autotronics, stressing that 3D printing is used to produce spoons, phone cases and souvenirs, among other products. He said that General Electric (GE) has already started an outfit on 3D printing in Lagos, admitting that the institute was favoured to have partnered with FUOYE in the area of sponsorship. He reiterated the effort of the institute at developing both 3D printing and Autotronics software which he promised would be tested in FUOYE. Engr. Adetunji also said that

the software and training modules being produced at the institute would be useful and easy to understand for even road side mechanics. He thereafter suggested proper advocacy in this area, summarizing the major advantages of 3D printing and Autotronics as basically creation of jobs and generation of income.

HOD Mechanical/Mechatronics, Professor S.B. Adejuyigbe offered that since the aims of FUOYE and PEDI are alike (i.e. training and income generation), there was need to produce and package effective and efficient software with full understanding so that both sides would benefit adequately. Responding to Professor Adejuyigbe, Prof Bolu said that it was a miracle to have come up with this kind of collaboration with PEDI, describing the relationship as a win-win situation.

The highpoint of the interaction was a resolution that both FUOYE and PEDI be involved in regular interchange of ideas in the area of 3D printing and Autotronics for capacity building and manpower development. A committee was selected to work on a project proposal to be forwarded to TETFUND.