The above headline is the exact title of a lecture delivered by theRegistrar, Mr. D. A. Adeyemo, on the occasion of the 2nd FUOYEANUPA meeting/seminar held on June 19, 2015, at the university'smain auditorium, Oye-Ekiti.


Mr. Adeyemo likened the Administrative Officer (AO) to a prostituteand explained that the AO ought to be able to develop suchinterpersonal skills as would enable him work with all personsirrespective of their temperament group. It, therefore, amused himwhen some staff would come to him to seek redeployment on thereason that they couldn't get along with one person or another. TheRegistrar went ahead to disclose that communication fails when thereceiver is unable to understand the message in its intended form, advising that people should seek clarification where they do notunderstand the task given to them.


Identifying four temperament types of choleric, sanguine, melancholy and phlegmatic, he posited that a person's temperamentor personality, inherited along with other physical and physiologicalqualities that are carried by the genes, plays a key role in determininghis character traits. He, therefore, declared that knowledge of this fact would help staff to understand and manage one another for theultimate realization of the university's goals.


The Registrar was, however, quick to point out that people shouldmoderate their conducts and utterances and not hide under thetemperament concept to engage in unruly behaviour.


The event earlier had an interactive session where participant’s sharedtheir work experiences. Contributors were unanimous in decryingshortage of workspace, resource materials, as well as limited internetaccess. Participants were however advised to make personalsacrifices when required to achieve result in their assigned tasks.


Such sacrifice, according to the Registrar, would not go unnoticed asit would, at the appropriate time, give one an edge over one'scontemporaries in the work place.