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For the first time, SFD will be celebrated in Ekiti, and it will be a thing of pride for Federal University Oye-Ekiti to lead in this. The event will be organized by the Information and Communication Technology Centre. The Computer Science department and some departments in Faculty of Engineering will also be invited to partner in this. May I also note that this event was hosted in UNEC for the first time last year, it was also the first in Enugu and late Ach Ikechukwu Ifeanacho was very instrumental to its success. It will be yet another opportunity honor him as we both planned to run this together again this year!

The event is expected to attract software programmer and enthusiast across the country; this will create a good opportunity for our computer science department to connect with colleagues and share ideas together, it will also get our student exposed to Free and Open Source Software development early enough. The event will run for 10
th to 15th of September. Below is the summary of proposed the event plan.

Th to 14th of September- Pre-conference program, which will include the following:

Tutorial sessions / workshops

  • Lightning talks

  • Exhibitions

  • Social activities (the opening reception, and social event)

  • Other small meetings


15th of September is the SFD day and it will include the following:

  • Presentations

  • Exhibitions

  • Open discussions

  • Social activities (the social event and closing event)