Webometrics, the World ranking body of institutions of higher learning has ranked Federal University OyeEkiti (FUOYE) as number one among the twelve newly established Federal Universities in Nigeria.

The recent ranking results also placed Federal University Oye Ekiti at the 27th institution of higher learning in Nigeria, 209th position among the 1,325

institutions in Africa and 10,760th position among the 22,117 Universities in the  World.

It is worthy to know that this is the best position the Federal University Oye Ekiti has attained since inception in 2011. The table below shows the Federal Universities and their ranks, in Nigeria and the World.


RANK IN NIGERIA              RANK IN WORLD                      NAME OF UNIVERSITY

                27th                                   10760th                Federal University Oye Ekiti

                43                                      13762                    Federal University Dulsima, Kastina State

                57                                      15795                     Federal University Ndufu Ajike, Ebonyin State

                58                                      15830                      Federal University Otuokes, Bayelsa

                60                                      15876                     Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna

                75                                      17236                     National Mathematics Centre

                90                                      18318                     Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State

                98                                      18745                      Federal University Wukari, Taraba State

                99                                      18777                      Federal University Duste, Jigawa State

              104                                      19071                       Federal University Kashere, Gombe

              105                                      19093                        Federal University Lafia, Nassarawa State

According to Wikipedia, the Webometrics ranking of the World Universities, also known as ranking web of World Universities, is a ranking system for the world’s Universities based on a composite indicator that takes into account both the volume of the web contents (number of web, pages and files) and the visibility and impact of this web publication according to the number of external inlinks they received.

The ranking is published by the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the Spanish national research
council (CSIC) located in Madrid.The aim of the ranking is to improve the presence of the academic and research institution and the web and to promote the open access publication of scientific results. The ranking started in 2004 and is updated every January and July (www.webometrics.info)

   Compiled by ICT UNIT FUOYE