Geosciences include all the sciences that study the structure, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and its natural, mineral and energy resources.

These involve geology, environmental science, hydrology, atmospheric science, oceanography, climatic science, geochemistry, geotechnical, paleontology, geological, geophysical, petroleum, mining and applied sciences.

Geoscientists carry out geological and geophysical investigations, produce maps, and build up database which are the basic tools used in imaging and this reveals and show correct usage of all the geological and mineral resources e.g Limestone, coal, Uranium, Oil and Gas e.t.c

It also involved in water quality assessment, climate change documentation, flooding, earthquakes, landslides study and waste management.

All these issues concerning resources and natural and man-made hazards are of interest to the geophysics discipline.

The increasing appetite in the world for more energy particularly fossil fuels, and to produce and supply the quantum of energy needed amidst challenges requires well trained professionals in geophysics to keep the operating companies on their toes always.

Graduates in geophysics have laboratory practicals and field exposure. They have knowledge of Mathematics, statistics and other calculating disciplines which result in their being strong in hectic analysis of the data acquired.

The curriculum involves new concepts and field/laboratory procedures that promote excellence in academics and global industry needs.

Up to date with the new technologies and processes integrated in the system. Field visits and outcrop mapping with production of meaningful maps are highly required.

The goal of our department is to produce graduates with the latest knowledge and skills and high level of practical competence in geological mapping, sedimentology, reservoir characterization, static reservoir modeling and inversion, well planning, well site operations geology, seismic interpretation, field development planning, risk and uncertainty definition and management, pre drill prediction, sub-surface imaging e.t.c

Developments within geosciences include data visualization, data management, and applied petrophysics. Workstation skills acquisition and ability to perform well log correlation, log analysis and preparation of cross sections. This geophysical techniques help to develop the business thereby extending our reach, shows new explorations play and prospect which generally promotes investments for humanity.

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