…Making A Difference…

…whatever you do…and wherever you go…tell yourself you NEED to Make A Difference…some may call you MAD…rest assured that EVERYONE who’s made history was termed thus by some at one point in time or the other…and remember that people living through History-Being-Made do NOT usually realise it…

…I have had to face a number of challenges in life…I can’t say if I did what was BEST in each instance but I made it a point of duty to go through every such situation with a SMILE and a KIND WORD for everyone…I’m NO SAINT – get that right – and I ain’t tryna portray myself as such…but I strongly posit that: to leave one’s mark on the sands of time, one needs to DECIDE:

–         WHERE one’s destination;

–         WHAT needs to be done to get there;

–         WHOM one would require to get there;

–         HOW best and soon one’s goal(s) can be met; and

–         on a MODE and REGULARITY of MOTIVATION!

…again, I’m NO EXPERT…just chose to share my thoughts….WE CAN TOGETHER M!A!K!E! A! D!I!F!F!E!R!E!N!C!E!!!…

Nuel Adohoje

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