Public Relations/Information and Protocol Unit

This unit is under the office of the Vice Chancellor. It serves as the clearing house of general information.

It disseminates official information within the university, community and foster cordial relationship between the university and the larger society. It produces official publications, which the students and the larger university community can use, through the placement of any information of interest to the university, or any other written contribution as may be determined by the nature of the publications. The unit strives to represent and project the best image of the university through protocol and corporate image management.

This unit has the responsibility of gathering, processing and disseminating information within and outside the University. It prepare, plan and execute public relations strategies to forge understanding, foster mutual beneficial relations as well as ensuring full appreciation of university policy by the general public.

The unit also handles all protocol matters for the university e.g prepare and arrange travel documents for the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar and other officers of the university.

It also ensures effective coordination of ceremonies and events management. To ensure a cordial and beneficial relationship with the media, the unit maintain relations with the media, in respect of coverage, interviews, advertisement placement, recording of live telecast etc.

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