The exhibition exercise took place in the Vice Chancellors Conference Room The crux of the exhibition according to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Uzoma Asuzu, as to give audience to the Director of Innovation and Research Centre, Engr. lfeanyi Eze and one of his staff Engr. Godwin Anasieze, who had just returned from China on a research course on recent developments in solar energy technology. The Vice Chancellor then instructed the audience to give rapt attention to the convener and ask questions at the end of the exercise. Engr. Ifeanyi Eze appreciated the University management for the opportunity while emphasizing that his intention was to bring the university to limelight, so that the glory of the University will be entrenched in history. He revealed that innovative thinking keeps one, especially a researcher busy in the creation of equipment and facilities that facilitate work process and reduce human stress. It was on this note that the director advanced reasons in support of the substitution of electric energy with solar energy which that was recently installed in the University’s Health Centre.

He explained that Nigeria’s perennial epileptic power supply, has inspired him to invent a lighting bulb model ElE technique which, according to Him, is a non-tungsten and has a non-heat emitting radiation, with the charging port installed in the brain box and maintained in a place safe enough for charging. Moreover, to guide against piracy and safeguard ownership of the product, the logo of FUOYE was engraved on the lighting bulb.

The lighting bulb technology is a unique brand that consists of 1.7 watts that could give cheaper energy. A sensor embedded in the panel absorbs protons from the orbit to the brain box, thereby, making the setup immune to harsh weather conditions. The solar power equipment comes with in-built fault detector. Another unique selling point of the FUOYE solar bulb is that it is produced with plastic which makes it have longer life span unlike the common glass types in the market today.

The solar panel has a sensor which switches off the light as soon as the sun comes up, thereby minimizing wastage. Appealing to the Vice Chancellor, the convener, Eng. lfeanyi Eze, stressed the need for the new technology to be made available to the general society in commercial quantity. This according to him is a way of giving back to the community and society while at the same time, netting in minimal income for the University.

Commenting on the exhibition and presentations, Engr. Echi Nwogu was of the view that the products be patented, stressing that doing so will help to secure the originality of the idea. He equally proposed that royalties should also be paid to the inventor as he saw the product as an income spinner for the university. Contributing, the University Librarian said he was witnessing a wonderful exhibition in the University. He appreciated the Director of Innovation and Research Centre for his wonderful inventions and encouraged him not to relent. The Ag. Registrar, in the same vein, suggested that the product be mass-produced and made available for public use. He also encouraged Engr. lfeanyi Eze to continue in his good works, stating that the technology should not end up in the conference room.

Femi Ojo Michael

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