Staff Annual Leave Roster for 2019



This is to inform all staff of the University that the Annual Leave Roster for 2019 from every faculty/ Department, Unit, should be forwarded  to the Office of the Registrar not later than Monday, 1st April, 2019to facilitate necessary processing. Please be informed that all Leave Schedules must be typed and printed out legibly.

Every staff is enjoined to please note the following provisions of the Regulations governing the Conditions of Service of Staff and extant rules.

1.      Granting of leave for staff other than the Principal officers, Deans and Directors shall be on recommendation (and at the discretion) of the Heads of Department. with the approval of the Registrar.

2.     Annual Leave period shall be between 1st January and 31st December; and must be taken and exhausted in the pear it is earned
3.      Annual Leave is granted at the following rates:
a. CONTISS 06/CONUASS 01 and above                                           30 working days
b. CONT1SS 03-05                                                                               21 working days
c. CONT1SS 01-02                                                                                14 working days
4.      In the first year of appointment, Annual Leave is subject to a minimum of six (6) months of service and shall be calculated pro-rata. Leave In the last year of service s also calculated pro-rata.
5.      Annual Leave is taken at the convenience of the University. Therefore, for teaching staff and Laboratory Technologists. Annual Leave shall be taken at the end of every academic year during the long vacation.
6.      Any unutilized leave due to exigencies of duty (as Head of Faculty/ Department/Unit could be deferred on the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. Any undeterred period of Annual Leave would be forfeited
7.      Any employee who fails to resume duty from leave (without good cause shall be regarded as having absconded from duty without permission shall forfeit his salary for the period of his absence; and shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions governing acts of misconduct.
8.      A member of staff may be required to return to work before the expiration of her/his Annual Leave. Any portion of the curtailed leave shall be taken at a later date in accordance with Regulations.
9.      A female member of staff granted Maternity Leave shall not be entitled to Annual Leave in the same calendar year; and, where the Annual Leave has already been taken before the granting of Maternity Leave, that part of her Maternity Leave equivalent to the Annual Leave shall be without pay.

10.   No employee shall be allowed to randomly change her/his leave date without the approval of her/his head of Department/Unit.

Best Wishes
Emmanuel U ADOHOJE
For Personnel officer