Students Affairs Division

Federal University Oye-Ekiti is an institution of first choice aimed at providing critical opportunities for students’ success, engaged regional and global resource for entrepreneurial education and best practices in mining and farming technology and valued as a university where there are facility, students, and professional staff who are active in integrating cutting-edge technology in multidisciplinary and disciplinary research.


The Students’ Affairs is a Division established to oversee matters of students’ well-being, rewards and discipline. The Division supervises activities of students including, guidance, welfare and encouragement on a number of extra-curricular activities that are beneficial to their well-being and development. It also performs such oversight functions such as allocation and management of Halls of Residence on campus as well as provision of basic information on off-campus accommodation arrangement. The Division consists of the Student Welfare Unit, Careers and Counseling Unit, Lodgings Unit, NYSC Mobilization Unit, Off Campus Bureau and Statistic Unit, Scholarship Unit, Students Records and Statistics Unit, and General Documentation and Records Unit .

The Division is headed by a Dean who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day- to- day general administration of the Division.

The Student Welfare Unit under Students Affairs Division is statutorily responsible for activities that relate to welfare of students irrespective of religious, ethnic, race or social affinity. The Unit handles all processes ranging from basic support on co-curricular activities, verification of student particulars, inspection of recreation facilities for students, facilitation of protocols for student delegates on university assignment to specific concerns for students with special needs. In addition, the Unit is responsible for students’ discipline and reward system. The Unit co-ordinates the entire Central Student Disciplinary Committee (CSDC) proceedings and ensures appropriate compliance with the directives of the Committee. The Central Student Disciplinary Committee handles such matters as students’ disciplinary cases through the Student Welfare Unit. The Division as part of its responsibilities offers important information to students when the need arises. And every year, the Student Information Handbook published by the University is distributed to students by the Division.

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