University Fundraising Committee



In a bid to enhance infrastructural projects, sustainable growth and development of the University, the Management, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, deemed it fit to set up the University Fundraising Committee on the 11th July, 2013. The university authority had realised quite early that while the Federal Government would inevitably continue to be major source of funding of the University, there was need to consciously seek aid for special projects. It was this need that motivated the University to create the above-mentioned Committee and Development and Fundraising Unit.


  • Federal university, Oye-Ekiti Main Campus, Oye-Ekiti.
  • Federal University, Ikole Campus.
  • Federal University Mini Campus Oye-Ekiti.


Critical to the University’s success is a strong enduring relationship with its donors. University Fundraising Committee recognises its role in coordinating University fundraising throughout the entire University and is committed to donor-driven discussions and approaches. University fundraising Committee is designated and officially recognised body charged with the responsibility of encouraging, soliciting and managing private resources contributed for the benefit of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, its staff and students, faculty, and therefore must be consulted regarding any private fundraising efforts.

University Fundraising Committee, Federal University Oye-Ekiti was inaugurated on Thursday 10th September, 2013 with the following terms of reference:

  1. To determine needs for which fund raising support for the university would be appropriate and useful,

  2. To develop a communication strategy that can influence key external stakeholders to assist in fund raising,

  3. To manage charitable funds and ensure such funds are readily available for the development of the University’s structural projects as and when needed;

  4. To report to the University Management on progress in relation to the endowment fund -raising from time to time.

University Fundraising Committee Members

Mr. Olarewaju Adesuyi(Chairman/CEO, Havilah Merchants Nig. Ltd)

Mr. D.A Adeyemo (Ag. Registrar)

Mr Obadiah Dyiltu (Ag. Bursar)

Prof. Chris Bolu (Director, ICT)

Prof. O. Amu (Ag. Director, PPU)

Dr. O.S Ogundele (Dept. of Computer Science)

Dr. Orji Kalu (PAR, Information & Protocol Unit)

Dr. Godwin Udibe (PAR, Liaison Office)

Dr. Tunde Lawal (Chairman/CEO, Turner Wright Ltd)

Mr. Oloniyi Agbetusi (Chairman/CEO Byte Plus)

Mr. Ikechuwku Areh (Director, Procurement Unit)

Mr. Onyekachi Nzewi (Vice-Chancellor’s Office)

Mrs. Babatunde Aderonke (AO. Academic Affairs) Secretary


University Fundraising Meetings:

The University Fundraising inaugural meeting was held on 10th September, 2013 at the University Main Campus Oye-Ekiti, while the 2nd meeting was held on 24th 0ctober, 2013 at the university Liaison Office Abuja. The important issues discussed at those meetings and various decisions taken were communicated to the University Management appropriately.

The Committee successfully coordinated and launch for the University’s Faculty of Engineering on the 23rd October, 2013 held at Abuja and planning another launch scheduled to hold in Lagos in May,2014.

In order to ensure comprehensive fundraising coordination throughout the University, University Fundraising Committee put in place the following Sub-committees with membership and terms of reference as follows:



Prof. Chris Bolu (Director, ICT) Chairman

Mr. Obadiah Dyiltu (Ag. Bursar) Member

Prof. O.O Amu (Ag. Director, PPU (Co-opted) Member

Mr. Ikechukwu Areh (Director, Procurement) Member

Mr. Nzewi Onyekachi (Vice-Chancellors Office) Member

Mr. Ojo Olarewaju) (AO, Personnel Affairs) Secretary

Terms of Reference

  1. To determine needs for which funds raised to support the University would be appropriately used,

  2. To put together a brochure identifying the immediate achievable projects and designs already outlined in the development plan of the University.

  3. To develop a time line to achieve the set target of preparing and execution of the launch,

  4. To report to the University Fund Raising Committee on progress in relation to the fundraising from time to time.




  • Mr. Tunde Lawal (Chairman/CEO,Turner Wright Ltd)Chairman
  • Dr. .O.S Ogundele ( Dept. of Computer Science) Member
  • Dr. Orji Kalu (PAR, Information &Protocol Member
  • Dr. Godwin Udibe (PAR< Abuja Liaison Officer) Member
  • Mr. Oluniyi Agbetusi (Chairman/CEO, Byte Plus) Member
  • Mrs. M.A Babatunde (AO, Academic Affairs) Secretary

Terms of Reference

  1. To enhance FUOYE’s feasibility and raise the Public awareness by convincing the prospective donors and Patrons to invest in development of the University,
  2. To oversee the implementation of campaign strategies appropriate for sensitizing the prospective donors and patrons in both the Public and Private sectors,
  3. To provide a window to the Public/Private participation which will draw into the fold of the University stakeholders, corporate bodies, philanthropists and Nigerians in Diaspora, etc to the cause of the university,
  4. To report to the University Fund Raising Committee on progress in relation to fundraising from time to time.




  • Mr. D.A Adeyemo (Ag. Registrar) Chairman
  • Mrs. M.A Babatunde (AO, Academic Affairs) Member
  • Mr. Olarewaju Ojo (AO, Personnel Affairs) Secretary

Terms of Reference

  1. Ensuring meetings are effectively organised by liaising with the Chairman to plan meetings; receive agenda items from committee members, circulating reports, taking minutes and checking that agreed actions are carried out;
  2. Maintaining effective records and administration by keeping up-to-date contact details(i.e. names addresses and telephone numbers of the committee; compiling lists of names and addresses that are useful to the committee, keeping records of the committee’s activities, and keeping a diary of future activities,
  3. Upholding legal requirements by acting as custodian of committee governing documents, checking quorum is present at meetings, and ensuring committee’s activities are in line with its objectives.
  4. Communication and correspondence by responding to all committee correspondence, filling all correspondence received and copies of sent, keeping records of any committee publications,
  5. Preparing the report of committee activities for University Management from time to time.


Federal University Oye-Ekiti

Development and Fundraising Unit

P.M.B 373

Km 3, Oye-Afao Road

08051141167, 08062434663, 08055216131