Vision and Mission


The Federal University, Oye-Ekiti aspires to become an institution of first choice recognized for providing critical opportunities for student success; acknowledged as a primary and engaged regional and global resource for entrepreneurial educational and best practices in mining and farming technology; and valued as a university where there are faculty, students, and professional staff who are active in integrating cutting-edge technology in multidisciplinary and disciplinary research.



  1. To advance the community of learning by engaging in scientific research, humanistic scholarship, multidisciplinary research entrepreneurship and technological integration.
  2. To provide a robust and high quality educational experience for students in a diverse learning environment while promoting the values and indigenous learning that is responsive to the needs of our society.
  3. To create an institution that values and prepares students to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility in a global society.
  4. To prepare the next generations of skilled and ethical professionals by providing robust curricula across and within disciplines that prepares graduates to be research minded and able to compete effectively in diverse world market.
  5. To create learning opportunity for faculty to meet their personal and institutional growth needs, and
  6. To advance best practices in farming and mining, foster economic development activities that are innovative, research-driven, and will result in a better quality of life for Nigerians.