… As students garland him for admirable performance

Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Oye-Ekiti, (FUOYE), Prof. Kayode Shoremekun has urged undergraduates in Nigerian tertiary institutions, particularly, those in FUOYE, to cultivate positive values, saying that is the only way to have a fulfilled life.

Prof. Shoremekun said youths must learn to take responsibilities and engage in productive endeavours that will prepare them for leadership roles in the future and cautioned that they must avoid taking short routes to achieve their dreams and goals in life as such leads to disaster.
He spoke during a mentoring programme, organised by FUOYE Students Union Government, (SUG), entitled: Impact of Values, which held at the main auditorium of the Faculty of Sciences, FUOYE main campus in Oye, Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

The programme had some resource persons deliver motivational and inspiring lectures to build positive values into the students. The SUG chose the occasion to garland the V.C in appreciation of his sterling performance in raising academic standard, building infrastructures and providing huge learning facilities among others.

Urging the students to keep bringing up programmes that develop their leadership and positive attributes, the V.C said: ” I was curious about this programme and I asked from the Head of the Counselling unit who said that the programme was solely organised by the students. This shows that you are maturing into leadership position, where you do not need to be tele-guided and this also means that you are preparing yourself for the future.

” These are the kinda of areas we want the students to excel. Being independent minded, developing sound leadership and being responsible, it will prepare you for the future.”

Today in FUOYE, no one supervises you, you are responsible for yourself. This responsibility is a privilege that you now have as adults. But for every privilege, there may be a down size and this has to do with your freewill: if you make good or bad choice, you will reap the reward. This reminds me of what the then Obafemi Awolowo University’s Vice Chancellor said while he counseled us as undergraduates many years ago , about campus life, which is that the only thing that is compulsory is nothing is compulsory, but whatever you sow as students, you will reap.

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