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Providing essential Library and Information Service to the Users

Library does not mean merely a collection of books. It is a learned institution equipped with treasures of knowledge maintained, organized, and managed by trained personnel’s to educate the children, men and women continuously and assist in their self-improvement through an effective and prompt dissemination of information embodied in the resources. Libraries are regarded as agencies through which sources of information of accumulated knowledge and experiences are selected, acquired, organized, preserved and disseminated to those who need them. Libraries are essential tools in learning at any level.


FUOYE Students Enjoying more Agricultural Products

At Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), Agricultural Science is given a pride of place. The focus on the course is not just because it is one of the pioneer faculties in the university but because of its strategic place in the Oye/lkole axis of Ekiti State. The location of the Faculty at lkole is therefore instructive. The faculty of Agriculture at Ikole used to house the former offices of the old Ondo State and now Ekiti State Agricultural Development Project (ADP). If one suggests that the FUOYE Faculty of Agriculture draws from a rich tradition which predates the establishment of the university, it will not be far from the truth. Popular opinion at the Faculty runs thus: we are the most important faculty in this University and the faculty is as old as the university.




C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers

Raman22Department of Science & Technology and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, through the
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) have launched C V Raman International Fellowship
for African Researchers programme under the new science and technology initiative to promote scientific
cooperation between Africa and India.
This prestigious fellowship is aimed at further strengthening the bond between Indian and African nations through
science and technology collaboration. FICCI, on behalf of DST, invites applications from African researchers for
award of this fellowship for conducting research in Indian institutions across different areas of science and

The objective of C V Raman International Fellowship is to provide opportunity for African researchers to conduct research under the guidance of a host scientist in India in order to advance their own research capabilities while contributing to the progress of research in India.